Friday, October 15, 2004

Good Bye!

Finally, the day has come to bid adieu to my role (and the organization) that I am currently in to move on to a more challenging role. I am moving to Bangalore and I am faced with a new set of challenges. I know very little Kannada and have more chances of being misunderstood than to get some favors done from the natives. Fortunately, for me, most of the folks in Bangalore speak Hindi equally well. So, I presume that communicating would not be much of a problem. BTW, I my native toungue is Tamil but my friends believe that I do a very efficient job in butchering the language.

I am supposed to start off with my new role this Monday. I would still be working with InstallShield, but I have promised myself that I would involve myself with WIX whenever I get time. The previous week has been really busy with me handing over stuff and finishing off with the formalities. I have finished my exit interview and just finishing of some more work that I have to. Unfortunately, I will not be having access to my computer or my TV at home for at least one more month. <sigh/> I do not know, if I could survive a month without Quake 3, Internet and Cable. On the bright side, it would give me some time to catch up with reading and reduce some flab around my mid-section. <smile>

Since Bangalore is just seven hours from Chennai, I might find some time to get to my blogging in Chennai. I read that Rob was moving to to the Windows Setup team. Unfortunately, he expects to be a little tied down and would not be able to contribute on the same scale as now.

Well, Let me get back to work now. I only have a few hours to go before I finally bid adieu to this organization. This is my last blog from this office. <sniff/>

But, I am sure that I would keep blogging. :-)


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