Friday, October 08, 2004

I am in the Weekend Mode

Somehow today seemed to be a nice day to start off with my personal blog as well. I came in to the office and I was pleasantly surprised to see Rob's invitation to join Wallop. I was not very enthusiastic about it as it seemed like Orkut. I had almost got sick of Orkut. There is nothing for me to do there. It all seems so pointless. But I immediately liked the interface and couldn't get my hands off it. I had to force myself to do my work. Wallop advanced my weekend mood and I started thinking that today is a Saturday. (today is actually Friday)

Wallop is a pretty cool tool. It allows a higher degree of interactivity. The interface is beautiful and smooth. I live in India and I really am yet to see its performance when I go back home. I am traveling to Bangalore tonight after my work. I will be back Sunday night. I don't think I will have time to get online then. I am still not sure if the RSS thing really works. So this would serve as my test blog entry. BTW, Riko has written a good blog entry on Resources and Data. He actually said that I was one of the sources of inspiration for him to blog. Wow!

I have to stay in the office till 6:30 PM. I was hoping to get out early so that I could get my packing done before I head to Bangalore. I guess it is not gonna happen. But still I am not in the mood to work. I was killing time browsing. I guess its just one of those days when your brain refuses to work. As trivial as it might be, these are the entries in Webster for 'Wallop'.

1 a : a powerful blow : PUNCH b : something resembling a wallop especially in suddenness of force c : the ability (as of a boxer) to hit hard
2 a : emotional, sensory, or psychological force or influence : IMPACT <a novel that packs a wallop> b : an exciting emotional response : THRILL
3 British : BEER

As you can clearly see, I am in no mood for work now. I am already in the weekend mode. Ah! Have to get back to the weekday mode, at least for the next 90 minutes.


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